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Sadly for me though, this stage had now been going on for about 20 years. I was wishing that we hadn’t even met up for dinner. “We should actually go see a movie.” he said in one text and in another, “we’ll totally meet up when I get to the city.” I hung onto to those crumbs and picked up and examined each one as weeks passed. After he had been in the city for a few days I hadn’t heard from him so reached out. “You made plans with me to hook up twice while you were here last time and now you won’t.

Back at the entrance to my hotel I clung on to hope. I always had a crush on you, and…I’m sorry.” “It’s fine.” I said avoiding eye contact. This is a mindfuck.” He didn’t respond and I didn’t expect him to. Don Draper would not have bothered with an apology dinner, he would have ghosted me altogether, a hard, clean break. ” Oddly enough, I’m still optimistic but guys, never offer dinner and a sunset to me, unless you’re ready for something more.

So why not ask a woman I didn’t know for her opinion? Then, expect some bullshit excuse.” Oh, the trail of stale crumbs accumulated over my years of dating!

While in mid air, I asked the flight attendant’s opinion while she was flipping through a Vanity Fair in the galley. I wasn’t entirely innocent myself though, having shredded my way through a few metaphorical loaves on more than one occasion.

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It took physical effort and mental courage to walk up to someone and introduce oneself.

“Darlin’, if he doesn’t try to take you home with him and he passes you up, I’ll fly you down to Dallas.” My girlfriends were the ones in doubt. ” I cried, heart sinking, head spinning at this new, horrendously unromantic phrase. ” “A man starts off strong, then he gets scared or loses interest but wants to keep you around because he knows you’re interested.” She dead-panned.

My friend Gwen kept texting me, “Don’t put your hope in him.” Madge said it was a waste of time. “You’re coming from out of town, so it’s easy for him, and worth it if it will leave you thinking there’s a chance. Once he’s in New York, he might make plans with you unless something better comes along or he just can’t be bothered.

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