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I did a pilot with Judd Apatow years ago and it was the first time that I realized that the best writers do rely on the actors to give it that final vote — does this work? Q: Apatow is famous for creating space for his actors to improvise. All I do is look at my lines and that's what I do." But later I realized, the times are changing. That pilot was directed by Jon Favreau and the character worked at Arby's, so I enlisted the help of a really good friend to go into an Arby's — I don't know how she did it — but she was able to get me an Arby's shirt, and I wore it to my final screen test. She was always adamant about the second "R" being capitalized. I'll never forget it, I walked into the game and by halftime there were so many people surrounding me, it was overwhelming.

It was one of those things where it was like, will they notice? This great writer Brent Forrester (whose credits include "The Simpsons" and "The Office"), he called it out, he was like, "I'd like everybody to notice that Ron Reaco is wearing an Arby's shirt."Q: Have you ever done something similar at an audition? As you get older and more seasoned, you start to rely more on your ability to act. Listen, I was at an audition and there was a dude who came in with a bat, a half a mannequin and a ukulele, and he brought all this stuff into the audition and everybody in that waiting room was looking at him like, "This is ." He didn't get the part. So when I started acting, that was the big thing: The second "R" has to be capitalized, and there's no space. From that point on, things were really different for me. I remember a security guard came over because he thought someone was fighting — there was that many people — and I thought he was going to help me out but he was like, "Oh, you're the dude from 'Sister, Sister'! I hadn't been on the show long, maybe two episodes had aired at that point.

"Q: Teyonah Parris plays your wife on "Survivor's Remorse." She was in Chicago earlier this summer starring in Spike Lee's "Chi-raq."A: She's really great. My wife grew up in Decatur and then moved into the city on the South Side, so when we started dating, she was my introduction to the city.

We usually take a week or week-and-a-half and fly in and spend some time in Decatur and Chicago.

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The character is never so real as when you see a pained incredulousness wash across his face when forced to placate tantrums from not only his family but the team ownership as well.

But somewhere in his preparation he said, "You know what I'm going to do? I've worked over a decade since, on other television shows, and people still come up and say, "Hey, you're the dude from 'Sister, Sister.'" And it's like, "Yeah, I'm that dude." I can't get away from it, with syndication and the Disney Channel picking it up.

I'm going to bring in some props and I'm going to get this part! You know, to a lot of people, especially a younger generation, they think this show is brand new and that we're still in the studio making these shows! There's a horse ranch up the street from me and an alpaca farm across the street from that. But I can't tell you how many times I run into fans in my local grocery store and they'll say, "What are you doing out ?

But with Cam and Reggie, what happens between business hours is going to carry over into after-hours.

It makes for great drama and it makes for great comedy.

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