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People out here share me your opinions about Japanese women. Mature-Cool, Different-Cool, and Nerdy-Cool guys can get plenty of mileage in there.

They ambulance basically shouts "please pull over" and nobody does for a medical emergency.What I'm saying is that they "seem" humble, but there is another layer."Modern Japanese women will hardly put up with a dominate man." Mine definitely liked having a dominant man. " Despite their traditional values, They won't stepping down their occupations in order to start to raise children." In the end, that's why I left her.Dark skin and green eyes, the Japanese ladies loved it! Ok, so where does the woman who is "Tired of being alone, dislike the hectic pace of Japan and love American romantic, handsome men" play in?A bunch of the East Asian ladies in our dorm (Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese and Korean) ladies took a vote on who the sexiest guys in the dorm was, and despite 90% of the guys being Caucasian (and east Asian women "worshiping" white skin) I was voted the hottest. However, admittedly it would have raised hell f she were to bring up marriage to her parents. Lets say we have a woman who IS looking to get out of Japan...loves her culture but dreams of an American man..we dream of a Japanese woman. So, how many want love and marriage enough to leave and marry a foreigner? wives-poll Careful screening would be key to this...careful discussion before even meeting her and then more careful screening to determine her true feelings and motivations...quirks and eccentricities.

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