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This occasional use exception does not permit use by employees contrary to the expectations of their position.For example, employees may not play games or surf the net for purposes not directly related to their job during duty time; nor may students do so during instructional time.Owners will enjoy the peace and quiet of the spa-inspired master suite featuring an oversized shower and two walk-in closets.A first floor guest suite welcomes overnight guests.Options include media room, garage extension, and more.

The unique 3-car split garages allow for extra storage or a hobby space.Without limitation, this means that technology resources may not be used: 1. The technology resources are supplied on an "as is, as available" access any material contrary to the Internet Safety Policy; or to create or generate any such material.2. The District does not imply or expressly warrant that any information accessed will be valuable or fit for a particular purpose or that the system will operate error free. A technology protection measure is in place that blocks and/or filters access to prevent access to Internet sites that are not in accordance with policies and engage in unlawful harassment or discrimination, such as sending e-mails that contain sexual jokes or images.3. The District is not responsible for the integrity of information accessed, or software downloaded from the Internet. In addition to blocks and/or filters, the District may also use other technology protection measures or procedures as deemed engage in violations of employee ethical standards and employee standards of performance, such as sending e-mails that are threatening or offensive or which contain abusive language; use of end messages on e-mails that may imply that the District is supportive of a particular religion or religious belief system, a political candidate or issue, or a controversial issue; or sending e-mails that divulge protected confidential student information to unauthorized persons.4. Notwithstanding technology protection measures, some inappropriate material may be accessible by the Internet, including material that is illegal, defamatory, inaccurate, or potentially offensive to some people.

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