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And, should you cross that line, a whole cascade of powerful feel-good hormones — dopamine, oxytocin and adrenaline — are released, putting you on an emotional high. But, of course, like any act committed in anger or revenge, as good as hate sex indisputably feels in the moment, it doesn’t actually resolve any issues — indeed, it runs the risk of spectacularly backfiring.

It’s like having a fantastic, booze-fuelled evening and then regretting it all the next day.

At the start of the scene, Gemma clearly had sexual blackmail on her mind, attempting to film the encounter on her smartphone so she could send it to Simon’s new, much younger wife.

But when my client made arrangements to meet her ex, to discuss childcare arrangements for their four-year-old daughter, sex wasn’t faintly on the agenda.

And let’s be clear here — hate sex is not make-up sex, which is something that takes place within the boundaries of a still loving relationship following conflict, with the purpose of putting that argument behind you.

This is sex that’s about anger and revenge, not reconciliation.

It was only when her husband urged her to hurry up and sign legal papers that would bring their divorce to completion, revealing his engagement to the woman whose bed he now shared, that passions were ignited.

How on earth could that kind of dialogue end up with them tearing each other’s clothes off and thrashing around on the kitchen table where they used to eat as a family, you might well ask. The two of them had been lovers for a decade — the chemistry that kept them attracted to each other for all that time didn’t just disappear after he ran off with someone else.

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Meanwhile, she was left with the awful realisation that every painful step she had taken in previous months in her attempts to rebuild her life had been for nothing.

She was right back where she started, feeling vulnerable, wretched and horribly out of control. Viewers of the hit BBC show, Doctor Foster, will know my client’s real-life situation imitates the on-screen shenanigans of the show’s tortured heroine, Dr Gemma Foster.

And however wild, hot and exciting it might have all felt in the heat of moment, this had been fuelled by a complicated mix of anger, betrayal and revenge — leaving behind an emotional hangover which she couldn’t see a cure for.

As a behavioural psychologist I have helped clients deal with the devastating fallout that often follows this kind of highly-charged encounter with someone they once loved.

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