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Buses aren't included but they are only RMB2 per trip so just keep some change in handy for public buses. Did someone mentioned that Google Maps are blocked in China? You won't be able to use Google Maps, Google Search, Gmail, Facebook, Tripadvisor, Twitter Youtube, Snapchat and Instagram while you are in China.Fortunately you can still use whatsapp but even for the most savvy traveler - you would be powerless without those apps especially if you couldn't read Chinese!Guangzhou Restaurant is a classic recommendation from most people who had been to Guangzhou and there's a good reason for that.

There's even a Chinese saying that says Eat In Guangzhou (吃在廣州) highlighting Guangzhou as a place for good food!

Everytime the lift opened at 2nd floor I could see a restaurant fully packed with the elderly and sound very lively!

It was also highly rated on Dianping so I decided to give it a try, After all, wouldn't you be curious what was attracting such a big crowd of old people to a dim sum establishment?

In my Guangzhou Food and Travel guide, I will share where are the must try restaurants and food in Guangzhou as well as some tips for shopping and sight seeing!

The data will be based on my food hunting trip in Guangzhou!

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