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The results given in equation (1) are most significant in that they show that transport is dependent entirely upon the frequency with which the ions strike the membrane surface.It is not a matter of capillary action, but one on which the ion and its associated mass pass directly through the bonding space between molecules which comprise the membrane.Where cell mitosis ceases and the life of the cell is short.Tests on mice fed cesium and rubidium showed marked shrinkage in the tumor masses within 2 weeks. Also all pains and effects associated with cancer disappeared within 12 to 36 hr; the more chemotherapy and morphine the patient had taken, the longer the withdrawal period.These radicals are specifically oriented over each type of membrane.This is most significant from the point of view of membrane action, since the P=O radicals are moderately strong electron donors in the ground state and strong to powerful donors in the energized state.

Intermediate energy states in the ultra violet range were not reactive by electron impact, but slightly with light quanta.

The reactivity of the double bond has been studied in some detail using both light absorption and electron impact.

It was found that energy states of the order of those produced by metabolic processes were not reactive.

Again, both can be completely depressed by molecules absorbed over the surface; thus morphine, as well as attached polycyclic type molecules, will completely depress the excitation of the P=O radicals which characterize all cell membrane surfaces.

It was observed that the membranes tested gave a phosphorescence decay pattern due almost entirely to the P=O radicals which are composed of phospholipids.

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