Consolidating sql servers best practices

Multi-instancing is very legitimate and effective way too.

To learn how to set up a high-performance SQL Server instance, see the tutorial.This section covers configuration topics about how to optimize the Microsoft Windows operating system for SQL Server performance when running on Compute Engine.Best practice: Use the Windows Server Advanced Firewall, and specify the IP addresses of your client computers.It addresses a number of vectors in the virtualization/consolidation question which allows you to achieve: * Physical Server consolidation * High Availability/Rapid Failover * Dynamic Workload Management * Connection Virtualization * Streamlined Patch Management * Clustering outcomes on heterogeneous server hardware All this happens while your SQL Server data-server processes are still running against bare metal. There may be other products that also occupy this space (I think Platespin has a similar offering) but the HP product is backed by a top-tier multinational IT products & services company, and is fully endorsed by Microsoft.I should declare here that I’m an HP employee, but I was looking into Polyserve well before EDS (my former employer) and Polyserve were acquired by HP.

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