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No more waiting for your watch to find a GPS signal, no more worrying about whether or not your devices are charged. The shoe will automatically record your workout and import the data to UA Map My Run via Bluetooth (when your shoe and phone are in range). The shoe also keeps track of its own lifespan by tracking every step you take and every workout you complete.

When you reach 400 miles, we’ll send you a notification that it’s time to replace your shoes.

You can use the shoe for interval training if you’re using it in conjunction with a companion app like UA Map My Run.You won’t feel it at all when you’re running, but that sensor automatically tracks your performance data, including speed, pace, distance, and steps.Just open the box, connect your shoes with the UA Map My Run app, and start running.You can also choose CMS which meets your needs  Word Press, Joomla, Moto CMS HTML, Bootstrap, Presta Shop, Virtue Mart, os Commerce, Magento, and others.If you have made up your mind to go for Word Press, review the ultimate collection of Premium Real Estate Word Press Themes to experience the abundant Word Press functionality and professional design features!

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