Amelle berrabah is dating

Eventually, inconsistencies began to emerge in her sister's account and the case was dropped.

Samiya later said the incident must have been a "bad dream".

Following a difficult few months, it looks like Amelle Berrabah finally has something to smile about.

The Sugababes singer, 25, was spotted cosying up to a mystery man in a London hotel last night.

"I rang the detective looking after the case and told him she admitted lying," he said. "She is walking round like nothing has happened and people are still feeling sorry for her even though she withdrew the allegations.

What has shocked me the most is that I actually liked her. I never want to set eyes on her again." But Berrabah said that despite everything that has happened, she would not disown Samiya.

'" She refused to see him and changed her phone number. Every time I looked in the paper I thought, 'I can't handle this'." But Samiya's account of the night in January 2007 was beginning to change.

It nearly killed me." However, several of Samiya's claims did not check out.

The 23-year-old singer immediately dumped Freddie Fuller after her younger sister Samiya claimed that he and three friends attacked her on a night out.

But her boyfriend maintained his innocence and took two lie detector tests in an attempt to win her back.

“It’s funny how we were suddenly getting divorced when it wasn’t even an issue,” the singer explained. We’re still together, still happily married, still got my ring.” Amelle added: “Maybe it’s my fault when I get asked about my personal life, I don’t comment so I don’t set the record straight. I try not to take it personally and that’s why I pick and choose what I do, who I talk to and what I say.

“Thinking about it, we don’t even concern ourselves with it to be honest because luckily he knows what the industry is like.

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